Solar Battery Storage

Solar Battery Storage

Energy on Demand 24hrs a day with solar battery storage

Unused energy generated from solar panels is stored in the Solar Battery storage system for use during peak hours or when you need it most.

The benefits

.Fully integrated system with on-board battery management.
.Use more of the energy you generate (minimum 80% self-use).
.Prioritize load & battery storage over export (‘self-use’ mode).
.User-friendly control panel.
.High quality lithium batteries offer extended lifespan.
.Save MORE money on your power bills by increasing self-use of your electricity.
.Manage property consumption and generation remotely via built-in CT & WiFi monitoring solution.

Power Cuts

Power Cuts are rare, however in the unlikely event one does occur, the battery storage systems will supply emergency power automatically.

We only supply Branded Solar Battery Storage Solutions from companies you’ll recognise with guarantees you can rely on..

Growatt, SolaX with Pylontech, S-Power and LG Chem.

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